Peter Westenberg: On Urban Interventions (Sonic Acts XIII, 2010)

Peter Westenberg (NL) is a visual artist and filmmaker producing short films and urban interventions, often made in collaboration with local groups, who engages in open source practices when working with video. He is a member of Constant – a non-profit association, based and active in Brussels since 1997 in the fields of feminism, copyright alternatives and working through networks.


Hybrid Spaces Panel
This lecture was part of Sonic Acts XIII within the session The Poetics of Hybrid Space. In this session, a panel will explore the new conditions of experience emphasized by the concept of Hybrid Space through the prism of a series of artistic and interventionist projects drawing on the increased hybridity of the contemporary spaces of everyday life. The concept of Hybrid Space does away with misleading spatial dichotomies that have accompanied the rise of digital and networked media; real versus virtual; physical versus immaterial; flows versus places (Manuel Castells). Hybrid Space instead points at a layering of physical and information and media infrastructures, social, cultural and economic flows superimposed in one and the same space. Hybrid Space indicates the simultaneous presence of heterogeneous spatial logics at play in our everyday living spaces.


Peter Westenberg

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2010 - The Poetics of Space