Raviv Ganchrow: Sense of Ambiguity (Sonic Acts XIII, 2010)

There is no single ‘sonic-spatiality’. Each approach to sound can yield diverse, yet distinct materialities from acoustic events, the instances of which remain ‘spatialized’ within definitions inherent to the particular material extents. What links these various, at times contradictory, spaces is that they are all artifacts from ‘listening in’. A diversity in approaches and techniques of listening will also breed a variety of ‘sound-spaces’, where each sound-space can be understood as an amalgamation of ideas of presence, notions of perception, and attitudes of measure. This talk will open with a discussion of the spatial multiplicity in sound, followed with selected documentation from Ganchrow’s recent sound works relating to the frameworks of everyday acoustic environments.


Raviv Ganchrow (US) studied architecture in New York and has taught at several institutes in the Netherlands since completing his Masters of Music in Sonology. His sound installations and sound works have been exhibited in the USA, France, Austria, the Netherlands and Norway. He developed and designed the spatial sound performance Wave Field Synthesis system, commissioned by the Game of Life Foundation.


This lecture was part of Sonic Acts XIII within a session called Architectures of Sound, in which the following questions were asked: How do composers work with spatial sound using arrays of loudspeakers? How is space constituted in music? How do we listen to the sound-space?


Rivav Ganchrow

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2010 - The Poetics of Space